Annual report 2022

Annual report 2020

This year we made siginificant steps in setting up FairChain technology and preparing the Blockchain platform for wider adoption.

ANBI status 2020 standaard formulier

Annual report 2019

This year we found out the hard way that working with smalholder farmers and with technology is not a linear predictable process but a bumpy road, many ideation loops and a constant redesign of our approach.  Try – Fail- Try again. 


Annual report 2017

This is the report of 2017 where we explain the highs and lows, the facts and figures and the achievements of FairChain in 2017. We will talk about our achievements and our failures and show what we have done and how you can join.

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Annual report 2018

The year is over and we are hard at work to create the next annual report of FairChain. Crunching the numbers, talking to farmers and supply chain actors, we are looking to create shared value chains with positive externalities. Want to get it first? Leave your email below and get it right of the press. The digital press that is, because trees are awesome.


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