You are on our website and want to know what FairChain is all about. Well, this short introduction to the foundation is all you need to know to get you started.

Our Mission

The FairChain Foundation’s mission is to stimulate and support business models that contribute to a TRULY fair distribution of the wealth across all participants in the value chain. The Foundation’s objective is to limit the need for development aid with sustainable consumption. We collaborate with and contribute to business models that create positive externalities and are purpose driven to positively impact ecosystems.

Put simply, we aim to disrupt conventional value chains and transform all businesses into social enterprises. By promoting inclusive business models that create shared value and pay for the true costs of doing business today, we believe we can truly shift the balance of value chains.

Because the fact is, businesses today with social enterprise ambitions do not have a lot of options. For these companies, FairChain is a proven value chain shifter. We have a strong track record of the promoting this new economic mindset. Put bluntly, action above words.

With no vested interests, we have been as critical of our own actions as we have been critical of the actions of others. This is because we believe it takes radically open and transparent communication to discover new insights. While we are critical, we are also inclusive. Everyone is invited to join our movement.

Our vision

We believe that the supply chain is the new frontier in responsibility, an almost entirely unexplored area rich with opportunity. Our goal is to create impact consortia that see the value that can be found in healthcare, reducing poverty and climate impact, deforestation and sustainable economic developments. Cross-sectoral partnerships (Impact consortia) should become the preferred mechanism for delivering sustainable development. This opens the door to NGO-private sector partnerships that link corporations’ triple bottom line reporting with NGOs’ more business-like approach of to achieving joint impact goals.
When you think about FairChain, or try to convince your boss or board it’s the right path to take, these are the key principles you should remember.

Radical Transparency

Fair is a relative concept and the problems we face are large and complex. Only radical transparency can bring the trust, build the relationships and boost the innovation needed to solve them. We have to replace the culture of corporate secrecy with one of openness.

Story Proving

We believe in the rise of a new type of consumer demanding that the products that they buy have a positive contribution to environmental and social impact. They are weary though of fake purpose marketing giving purpose driven companies the opportunity to proactively engage and develop special purpose products based on quantifiable and verifiable proof of impact.

Creating Shared Value

We whole-heartedly believe that tomorrow’s economies will be driven by inclusive business models based on Cross Sector Partnerships where businesses work together with NGOs and Governments and combing entrepreneurial competitiveness and positive impact.

Aid? Lets trade

No way that trade going to replace government aid overnight but if we would invest in value-adding activities in country of origin, we could exponentially increase their earning capacity. Imagine e.g. this value-adding shift across all coffee-producing countries, the impact would be extraordinary. Think beyond coffee to cashews or cocoa, then we’re talking a real revolution indeed!