In the journey of designing Quantified and Verified Impact Goals, all across the planet, we commit ourselves and partners to Guiding Principles: ensuring that powerful technology is used by those who are truly committing their efforts for the better of people and planet.


FairChain believes that regular consumer behaviour can have positive effects on people and the planet. We created tools powered through technology to facilitate an investment climate, linking investors of impact to those experiencing impact. Opportunities arise for brands and consumers, and of course, NGOs or non-profits, whose efforts can finally be proven.

FairChain collaborates with partners that want to create impact by:


No more storytelling. Rather show what’s been told and provide the proof.

Theory of Change

Your road towards impact, how, what and when a positive change for either people or planet is realised.

Radical Transparency

Pushing for Radical Transparency of products and profits


Balancing the scales - 50/50 between countries of origin and consumption.

Trade over Aid

Facilitating Trade over Aid opportunities – we believe sustainable change starts with shifting behaviour


Businesses’ visions and missions are often beautifully formulated, but viable market strategies are what makes the impact-clock tick. FairChain’s go to market plans are 100% based on leveraging:


Natural consumer behaviour for commodity products – do what was always done


Demand-driven opportunities – listen to existing market needs and stop pushing problems around


Hard data – providing proof of input, output, outcome and impact.


Immersive User Experiences – detailed and visually engaging Impact-updates

All partners need to be able to fully understand and trust impact achieved, only then we have a chance to make our business obsolete.