FairChain’s Tech Toolkit consists of tools to achieve Impact. It includes many forms of technology like Farm Management software, a blockchain infrastructure embedding trust in the supply chain-network and custom applications to achieve end-to-end traceability solutions.


The Toolkit allows for easy access to Tokenization of both digital and physical assets, retrieving and sharing -as per business requirement- valuable information about the production process of commodity products, actor information and seamless integrations to immersive User Experiences.


FairChain’s approach requires every party to contribute data to a shared database, every business requirement is coded for and executed by the power that is designed in the network of eco-system players. Code rules.

Converting value into impact requires all parties; consumers, brands, NGOs and eco-system players to interact with each other in order to realize that common goal. In this time, one cannot simply trust that value transfer is happening according to business rules, or that extraction of value for conversion to impact has taken place accordingly. Whether we can believe information presented, often remains the question. FairChain beliefs: if it can be verified, and validated by the network, then we ought to trust the action that is communicated to us.

In an ever-increasing data society, technology is here to show us proof of actions, re-establishing trust, for the benefit of people and planet.