FairChain Beyond MOYEE

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If you’ve become a FairChain revolutionary just because of the awesome Moyee Coffee, then you’ve missed the point.

Or if you’ve become a revolutionary by going deeper into Moyee’s radically fair trading model, then, well sorry, but you’ve still missed the point.

See, FairChain is more than Moyee. In fact, believe it or not, it’s even more than giving coffee farmers a #onceinalifetimechance to get out of poverty by paying them a #trulyfairwage for their back-breaking work out on the coffee plantations. Instead, it’s about giving the producers of all raw commodity products, EVERYWHERE the chance to add value to their products in the country of origin and then getting it into global markets themselves before the greedy middle-men of trade get their grubby hands on it to jack up the price for us all.

So if you’re really serious about #gettingradical, then take your fairchain habit past that morning cuppa Joe. Because even after those tasty beans have gone to work, you can keep on keepin’ on with being a fairness freak for justice! That’s right, go ahead and carve yourself a slice out of a fairchain pineapple from Ethiquable for breakfast, pull on your fairchain t-shirt from Kipepeo, then strap on you fairchain shoes from Panafrica and grab your fairchain bag from Gundara and charge out into your radically revolutionary day!

Starting to sound like fairtrade? Well, it’s not. Fairchain rolls all over fair trade when it comes to real fairness and equality along the value chain. Click here to learn more.