Heaps of Cherry

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We are still harvesting! Joost is literally buried in heaps of coffee cherry. The supply is immense and unstoppable.

Since November 11th, the FairChain farmers have been providing us with their best red cherries. And what a harvest it is… It’s one of those years. All the trees are loaded with cherry, thanks to the good lord, favorable weather conditions and the usual year-to-year yield fluctuation.

Well, that’s what the farmers tell us at least. We know it is true what they’re saying about the weather and fluctuation, we’ve seen the trees ourselves. However, we are also aware that our FairChain premium is still evoking a goldrush which is difficult to control.

So on this typical day of collection, Joost quickly sent us these pictures during another late night of work:







Seems like nothing but good news right? Not entirely: we only have that much space on the drying beds. Heaping up too much coffee on the beds affects the quality. Which would be a shame, since everyone did their best to produce premium quality cherry! So every time after a few days of 20.000 kilograms of cherry, the team needs to call a day without collection. That helps, but it also results in more goldrush for the day after that…

The other day we reached our 300.000kg cherry limit. After checking the balance on our crowdfunding bank account, we decided to raise the bar and continue until 375.000kg. So we’re still in the game, Joost is still managing the crowds and the volumes. But this week we will really reach our final limit and collection will end for this year. We’ll be sharing that moment with you, of course!