One Large Step for Mankind

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Оne large step 3

One small step for FairChain, one large step for mankind. Moyee Coffee is now closer than ever to realizing their long-time dream of producing the world’s first FairChain Coffee.

See, instead of exporting away all those lovely green beans—and the added value with them—Moyee roasts them in the country of origin – in Kaffa Ethiopia to be precise, the birthplace of coffee. So if you want to talk about getting back to the roots, then just give these guys a call.

And indeed, this practise of roasting local is the holy grill of FairChain. By roasting local they increase the amount of money that stays in producing countries by 300%. Next to this, they don’t fry our beans, but roast their little princesses very slowly—between 12 to 13 minutes. It goes without saying that our well-treated beans look down on Big Coffee’s shock and awe approach to roasting beans.

To this end, Moyee’s brand-new TKMSX-15 Roaster has just arrived in Ethiopia! With this machine they can roast 700kg of Ethiopia’s finest coffee beans – in Ethiopia itself!