Purpose-driven Brands seek meaningful ways to express and reinforce their purpose  and engage with their loyal consumer base to turn them into fans and ambassadors. However, it’s difficult to imagine and execute a cost effective campaign that contributes to the purpose. 


FairChain gives your brand the tools to run an unparalleled loyalty campaign that contributes to your purpose and at the same time activates and engages your customers in a meaningful way. With our impact app your customers are empowered to tip the local producers with a crop, seeds, training or tool. And, in turn, you can reward your activist consumers with discounts.


An all round solution for consumer engagement by making positive impact.  This product creates an impact section on your website that connects consumption with making a positive impact.

The product has several sections and features that could be used separately or in combination with each other.

All the features you need:

  • Fully responsive design
  • Easy to implement on different platforms (WordPress, Shopify, …)
  • Works with different social media platforms
  • Easy-to-understand for consumers
The components of this product are:


Our Impact wallet allows your consumers to reward local producers directly with a crop, seeds, training or tool. Our tech confirms that rewards have indeed reached their destination. And, in turn, you can reward your activist consumers with loyalty points.


Purpose-driven Brands need meaningful ways to express and reinforce their purpose and engage with their loyal consumer base to turn them into fans and ambassadors. Consumers increasingly demand an active role in the positive-impact making process, including having a saying on what impact spending should be focused on.

How does it work?

As a brand, you decide which type of reward is most beneficial for your producers. We partner with local organisations to ensure the translate the reward into tokens you want to offer to your producers. First, the brand decides on the impact programmes. Then, the brand decides how many tokens should be given to consumers based on each purchase. For example, each coffee bag = 1 token.

After purchase, your consumers receive tokens. They can spend it on the impact programmes.


Personal impact widget shows the exact amount of positive impact that a consumer makes based on their consumption and tokens they’ve spent on impact programmes. Then it translates the impact into something relatable for consumers.

Consumers want to know how exactly their consumption is making a positive impact. When a company claims that they have reduced their CO2 emissions by 200Kg, it doesn’t resonate with consumers, because it doesn’t show the effect of each consumer’s consumption.

Next to this, what does even 200 Kg of CO2 mean? It’s difficult for consumers to relate to this sort of vague numbers.

How does it work?

The impact numbers are being calculated in two different ways:

1. Consumption based data: For example, if each bag of coffee leaves 4 euros in the country of origin, a consumer with 10 bags of coffee has left 40 euros value in the country of origin. We connect the ecommerce data with our database to calculate the impact numbers.

2. Impact Programme data: For example, if a consumer plants a coffee plant, he/she has reduced 25Kg of CO2.

When a token is being spent on a programme, an item is created in the widget, for instance, a tree item. Consumers can follow who receives the token from this block.


The impact-based referral tool let consumers share the positive impact that they have made, ask their friends to purchase from the brand and receive rewards.


Consumers want to feel proud of the positive impact they make. Next to this, brands want their consumers to share their brands and refer their friends. However, the rate of a typical referral system is pretty low.

How does it work?

When a consumer triggers the referral system, they see a preview of a message that demonstrates the positive impact that they’ve made. Once they share the message, anybody with the link in the message can access the web shop of the brand and place an order. After the received of the message places an order, the sender of the message gets a reward point.


Our product rewards consumers for making a positive impact when they purchase, refer a friend or spend a token.


Consumers desire to feel acknowledged for making positive-impact.

How does it work?

Consumers receive loyalty points when they purchase, refer a friend or spend a token. The loyalty points then could be spent on items that the brand decides on. It could be discount code, a specific product or any item from the shop.


Consumers can spend the tokens they receive on impacts programmes that your brands is participating in, such as “Plant a Tree”, “Tip a Farmer” or “Micro Loan” programmes.


Plant a Tree

When a consumer spends a token on the tree planting programme, the token will be transferred to the tree planting partner’s wallet. They buy a plant with the token and plant it on a farmer’s farm. All these transactions can be traced.

Support a Healthcare Worker

When a token is being spent on this programme, it’ll end up in a the wallet of a our NGO partner.


Consumers can lend some their tokens to the farmer. A small amount of money in the developed countries can be a huge support for producers in the developing countries.