Sneak Peak

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The last months where like sitting front row in a roller coaster. Our BlockChain project really took off, hitting national and international front pages.  All nice but FairChain is not about marketing its about real and radical impact. So are we delivering..

In November FairChain Foundation Teamed up with bext360 to Launch First Fully Blockchain-Traceable Coffee in Europe. As you can see on we have realized the first steps.

Now we are working like creazy to get the next steps on the blockchain in our aim to promote honesty and radical transparency and ensures like nothing before that more money ends up in the hands of coffee farmers. We help brand to deliver on brandpromise.

psss dont tell…. her a sneak peek in in the actual user interface under development which we aim to reveal at the WorldBank Summit accompanied by Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs S. Kaag