The ‘GoGetIt Series’ is here!!

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Down here at the FairChain Headquarters, we’ve decided to really make the point clear that this revolution is not just about our own FairChain model. Instead, we’ve tried over the years to use this blog to cast the light on other similar alternative trading models – and the heroes of industry who proudly advocate for more value-adding in the country of origin. This is a united effort we’re talking about here, whereby we share the common goal to ensure that the battlers back at origin get A TRULY FAIR return for doing all the hard work out in the fields.

For this reason, we’re today kicking off the GoGetIt Series. This will be a series of monthly book reviews to bring your attention to the heroes whom we’ve encountered along the campaign trail for a fairer coffee trading world. Each month we’ll bring to you a review of yet another great read from the ‘must-have collection’ that proudly adorns our walls down here at the FairChain HQ. If you’ve got a book that you’d like us to review and add to the GoGetIt Series, then by all means, hit us up by jumping on the contact page and shooting through the name of your epic tome!