Divine Chocolate: Owned by? Coffee farmers!

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Right from the beginning, Divine Chocolate has been an over-achiever. Back in 1998, when fair trade products were still etching  their way from world shops and sneaking their first peeks into the mainstream market Divine Chocolate created the first ever Fairtrade chocolate bar and aimed it squarely at the ferociously competitive mass confectionary market in the UK.

But that’s not what makes this chocolate company impressive. Divine is governed by a unique and highly innovative company structure which allows the farmers from the chocolate cooperate in Ghana, Kuapa Kokoo, have a meaningful input into decisions about how Divine is produced and sold. Two representatives from Kuapa Kokoo are Directors on the company’s Board, and one out of four Board Meetings every year is held in Ghana. As shareholders, the farmers also receive a share of the profits from the sale of Divine.

By sharing every part of the company with their cocoa farmers, Divine has created an extremely direct trading relationship. The concept to include cocoa farmer representatives on the company’s board has pioneered a way forward for other alternative global supply chain structures seeking to create more social and economic impact than that afforded by the fair trade model alone. The benefits derived from this approach are significant and lead to calculable benefits that are channeled directly back into local communities. Most of all, Divine demonstrates that a business can not only survive through fair trading, but in fact it can thrive and even further innovate on its commitment to alleviating poverty through smart and direct trade.

Er, but you see, that’s STILL not why Divine Chocolate comes first in its class, earning top marks and gold stars all round -you have to taste THEIR CHOCOLATE!! And here at FairChain, we do our research. We wanted to know if Divine puts their love and passion for amaz
ing-tasting chocolate right up there with their outstanding morals. So we went ahead and ordered a little something something to pass around the office. Well, actually I (the writer of this blog) ordered it. And then ate it -er, all. So the team didn’t actually end up getting any of it in the end. But witnesses will tell you that there was a somewhat divine look of ecstasy and amazement on my face as I introduced myself to the outcomes from all of Divine’s hard work. One colleague even swears to this day that I was glowing with rapture.

 If you would like to experience the same heavenly glow, or if you would like to know more about why it feels so deliriously good to eat Divine chocolate, then CHECK THEM OUT: www.divinechocolate.com