Value Added in Africa

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If there’s one organisation that gets our full respect for their efforts in adding value to products locally, it’s these guys.

They go by the name of Value Added in Africa and even tout their own label of fairness, ‘Proudly Made in Africa’. This label in itself already adds value, because when customers see it they know the product has been quality assured, ethically sourced, manufactured in Africa from locally-grown materials and is socially beneficial.

Based in Dublin, this barmy army of fairness understands that Africa is changing- these days it’s blossoming, either with young and hungry entrepreneurs wanting to step out on their own, or ambitious company owners wanting to expand into new market opportunities. And while Africa has been steeped in poverty for far too long, they’re located just a stone’s throw away from Europe’s bustling markets where ethically-conscious shoppers. These are choosy customers at the best of times, and yet they’ll happily part with their hard-earned for products that they truly value. And there’s nothing that says VALUE better than when that value has been added by Africans in Africa!! For this reason, Value Added in Africa has committed itself to realizing the manufacturing and packaging of a wider range of high quality products to be made available in Europe.


Learn more and purchase from VALUE ADDED IN AFRICA here