Moyee | way more than just a revolution!

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If you thought Moyee was all about being the good guys of coffee, then think again…

That’s right. Don’t let yourself get distracted with all the radical hype of the FairChain revolution – not for a second. Because if you get their main man Guido van Staveren van Dijk into a tight corner, you’ll be able to divulge his secret as to what keeps him charging through his day with the blind rage of a revolutionary dead-set on creating real change in the world. What you’ll learn from this towering 7-foot-tall Dutchman if you get up on a stool and twist his arm hard enough, is that it’s actually the art of seducing the fragrance of coffee into a cup to enjoy as a flavor that drives the burning ambition of his team of coffee-riddled Moyeestas at his downtown head office in Amsterdam.

And creating mind-blowingly great coffee is an art form that Guido shares with David Schomer, the proud owner of Espresso Vivace. This is a Seattle-based roaster known not just for their high quality of coffee and roasting practices that draws baristas and roaster from the world over to come and see what he’s getting up to that makes his beans so damn delicious. Rather, Schomer is a man who has made a name for himself as an innovator in and industry flooded with innovations. With his engineering background, he comes into his element first when he is scrutinizing the science that goes on in and around his beloved grinders and espresso machines. This attention to detail has helped him to develop a truly masterful relationship with the hallowed beans – and this has led to his reputation as the Godfather of Latte Art in the United States (yep, this is the dude who came up with the trend of making cool pictures with milk foam).

The clip below of the man in action is being shared with you now in tribute to the three P’s of great coffee which Moyee salutes with its very existence – precision, passion and perfection.

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