Taking the HOT AIR out of the coffee industry

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Victoria is Canada’s coffee Mecca.

Jim Townley comes from this coffee-riddled nook of the world, and his is a life that was once changed by visiting coffee at its source in Costa Rica. Emerging from a burn-out business start-up experience back home, he set foot on this far-away land to see coffee being harvested and processed, he even saw the bean from the fruit becoming separated. And then he saw it roasted. This was the point at which he fell in love with the drink.

Traveling home, Jim decided to dedicate his life to roasting coffee. He came home and opened up his own roastery-café. Then came the defining moment in his career, when he realized just how much HOT AIR there was to be found in the coffee roasting business. And no, this wasn’t the metaphorical hot air of an über-trendy market sector, although there is a bit of that to be found. Rather, he was interested in the super-heated air and carbon dioxide that’s emitted by coffee roasters every time they fire up their machines. Faced with a challenge that he felt was being sorely neglected to the detriment of local communities and cities alike, Jim rolled up his sleeves and set to work to develop a solution based on a winning combination of innovation and sheer scientific wit.

It is to the true coffee devotees like Jim Townley that this blog raises its, er… mug! Check out the clip below to see why…

Image courtesy of: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/jim-townley-24551536