Stumptown defining ‘COOL’ | (For the rest of us)

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People that define cool. Who are they? Where do they come from? How do they know what shape to carve out which later becomes the epitome of cool? Anyway, what is ‘cool’ really all about? 

Here at FairChain, we’d love to tell you. We do know cool when we see it. And when we came across Stumptown we know we’d found something special. You want in on the future of cool? A hint into what the trends of tomorrow are going to look like? A low-down lesson from the kings of cool? Then take a sneak peak at Stumptown, the direct traders rocking America’s famed west coast with their own brand of coffee excellence since 1999.

For these hipsters of coffee excellence, direct Trade is predicated on one key factor: QUALITY. Now this is something that they know when it crosses their path. And they walk the talk too, being more than willing to pay their farmers tasty financial incentives to make sure that their exacting Stumptown cupping standards are met -and then some.

So when all this awesomeness around quality and farmer relationships is abounding backstage, Stumptown has gone ahead and added another thunderclap of cool to their gig: transparency in the supply chain. That’s right, rather than negotiating a price for entire containers of coffee at a time with a sleazy coffee broker in a Versace suit, these guys knock out a few espressos and sit down directly with the farmer to negotiate a price for each lot of coffee. Because everyone sitting at that table knows exactly what’s gone into those espressos to get them tasting to deliriously special. And they also know that quality like this kind of quality comes at a price -paid by the farmers in blood, sweat and tears and then paid back to them again in the form of ..KA-CHING!! You know it, FAIR PRICES, which translate into financial and incrementally sustainable improvements in the growing communities.

“Pretty simple concept: offer the best prices and expect the best quality in return. It’s worked pretty well so far.”  


This approach has not only allowed Stumptown to source the best coffee grown in the world, but it has also reinvented development from its regrettably daggy past of aid organizations into the world of NOW.

Cool’s got a new name: STUMPTOWN

Don’t just take our word for it, CHECK THEM OUT: