Tony and the Chocolate-olonoly!

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What’s crazy, passionate and tastes like chocolate? Tony’s Chocolonely, that’s what.

Chocolate can make you crazy, it’s true. That luscious taste of cocoa blended with artistry and passion to perfection so that each delectable bite brings you ever closer to becoming a full-blown chockaholic. But the opposite can also be said, that craziness -in itself- can sporn chocolate. Or so say the big boys of chocolate about this up and coming dutch chocolote maker Tony’s Chocolonely.

Just when you thought that the chocolate bar you’re clutching in your hands right now couldn’t possibly get any better -think again.

The world of chocolate reveals untold truths about the real world that we live in. No seriously, you can tell a lot about a person by the way they like their chocolate – smooth, crunchy, plain, dark, luxurious, bitter, nutty… And most of us have been gobsmacked just by the sheer taste of this little treasure ever since we first learned to chew. But one Dutchman named Teun van de Keuken -you can call him Tony- couldn’t help but want something more from his usual nutty chocolate bar -in fact, he wanted much more. He wanted the glorious taste of freedom, justice and fairness that comes only from what he calls a ‘slave-free chocolate bar’. Nutty indeed? Perhaps not.

Slavery not only still exists today in the global cocoa trade -it’s running rampant. To satisfy the global demand for chocolate, about 2.5 million farmers work on cocoa plantations. And because we all love to have a little change left over after buying our chocolate, the chocolate industry competes heavily on low-prices -which translates into rock-bottom prices for cocoa farmers in Africa. But worse yet, these low-low prices force cocoa farms to kick open the door to the worst fate imaginable: (child) slavery.

Tony’s Chocolonely is just as passionate about the people who make the chocolate as the chocolate itself – which is really saying something for these chocolate-crazed Dutchies! This is why they buy their cocoa directly for a fair price from their reliable and trustworthy cocoa farmers in Ghana and the Ivory Coast with whom they have established sincere and long-lasting relationships. They call it their Bean to Bar philosophy, and it is a major step towards 100% slave-free chocolate.

Curious to find out what a slave-free chocolate bar tastes like, or simply want to know more about the madness that is Tony’s Chocolonely?

Check them out!